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What do other customers say about side effects?

It takes a week or so to adjust – my tummy was a bit upset occasionally, however this passed. Through a combination of calocurb and mindful cutting down (particularly on sugar and carbohydrates), I have made real progress towards my health and weight goals.

At the start I did notice that it gave me a bit of indigestion, hops taste and sometimes I could feel a bit sick after taking it. I kept with it and these side effects seemed to disappear after a few weeks. I am loving this product. I just went through my closet and got out a pair of jeans I bought on my honeymoon 10 years ago and have not worn since (as I got pregnant soon after my honeymoon). They now fit and they are even looser than when I initially bought them!

I lost some very stubborn weight while taking calocurb. I had wanted to lose weight before a holiday to Europe.  When I initially started using calocurb I suffered from some diarrhoea and stomach cramps, with some nausea. I quickly learnt I needed to take it in the afternoon after I have exercised and had an afternoon snack.   

I want to encourage those just starting out with calocurb to stick with it. Alongside the immediate effect on my appetite, I also experienced some heartburn for the first few days. Five months later and I’ve lost alot of weight, but honestly, the real change is my mindset.

To be fair, I felt a bit off for the first few days with an upset stomach. But I’m glad I pushed through because it feels like calocurb has given me some much-needed breathing room when it comes to my health and wellbeing.

I can’t remember when to take calocurb

Customers have told us that remembering to take calocurb can be a bit tricky. Why not try setting a daily alarm or calendar appointment as a regular reminder to take a capsule.

Calocurb delivers appetite control in about an hour. To get the best results, we recommend taking one at 9 am and skipping breakfast. Having one Calocurb at 9 am will help you complete your fast with no hunger pangs before noon.

If needed, take another Calocurb at 5 pm, so you control your portion sizes for dinner and don't feel like snacking in the evening.
Remember to keep up your fluid intake, lots of water and you can have black coffee and tea while you are fasting!

I'm experiencing side-effects, is this safe and normal?

While the majority of people who take calocurb won’t experience any side effects. We know that some people do have a stronger physiological response to the natural hops flower extract in Calocurb. Side-effects can include:
- Increased wind
- Stomach irritation
- Loose or more frequent bowel movements
- Indigestion and/or heartburn
If you are experiencing manageable side effects, rest assured that these are normal reactions to the hops flower extract. Hops flower is not associated with any long-term health problems, and side-effects should only last for a few hours at a time.
The good news is that side-effects generally lessen the longer you take Calocurb. It can just take the body a little time to adjust to regular doses of the extract - even if it is plant-based and all natural.
Most customers who experience manageable side effects tell us that it only lasts a short time.
If you are experiencing severe pain or discomfort however, please stop taking Calocurb.

Do you have any tips for dealing with side-effects?

We sure do! 

Tip #1. Stick to the recommended guidelines – no more than one Calocurb capsule at a time. Better yet, start slow with only one capsule per day in the first 48 hours.  

Tip #2. Take on an empty stomach. A good time to take your first Calocurb capsule is 9 am. 

What's the science behind the side-effects?

Calocurb's key ingredient is a hops flower extract recognised for it's bitterness. It's hops flowers (the same ones in your beer!) that are both the appetite control breakthrough behind Calocurb and the cause of side effects in some people.
The body's first reaction to bitterness is one everyone knows – taste. But bitter foods (particularly those high in alpha acids) also react with the digestive system. Specialised cells in our gut can sense bitter foods and respond by activating a feeling of fullness to help limit food intake. It's this physiological response to bitterness that makes Calocurb a great tool for helping manage cravings and meal portions.
The sensitivity of our digestive system varies between people, so some people may feel their body attempting to evacuate this strange new bitter extract, hence the laxative effects.

I don’t think calocurb is right for me

Calocurb won’t be right for some people, and that’s OK. If you are experiencing unmanageable side effects or are not seeing results from Calocurb, please get in touch with us at hello@calocurb.co.nz

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