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Keeping Up With Keto: The Diet Sweeping The World

Keeping Up With Keto: The Diet Sweeping The World

The Ketogenic diet is everywhere these days, but what is it and is it right for you?

 Put simply, keto is all about replacing carbs with healthy fats. It’s based on a body state called ‘ketosis’ where fat, not sugar, is your main source of energy.

 There are a few different types of Keto, but the rule of thumb is to dial up healthy fats and proteins (meat, fatty fish, nuts, natural dairy products and green veggies) and avoid starchy, sugary and processed foods (grains, beans, root vegetables, most fruit… and alcohol).

 There’s a fair bit of research linking Keto to healthy weight management and improved health, particularly as a defence against diabetes.

 The beauty of keto is in its simplicity, accessibility and quick results. Identifying the right (and wrong foods) and making some generally easy diet changes is often enough to kick-start ketosis within 2-7 days.

 Keto is not without it’s drawbacks though. The ‘Keto Flu’ is common among new starters, a result of the rapid sugar to fat burning energy transition. Keto isn’t right for everyone either – particularly those with kidney, bowel, liver or pancreatic conditions.

 There are a few types of Keto that fit different lifestyles and health goals. Variations include different protein-fat-carb break-downs, on-off Keto/normal diet days and carbo loading around workouts.

 There’s a good reason why Keto has seen such surging popularity and there are plenty of resources online if you think it could be right for you. For a starter, checkout  Healthline’s beginner’s guide to Keto. For the science behind Keto, there’s Dr Eric Berg and Thomas DeLauer has a bunch of great videos on the Keto lifestyle.

 This is all well and good, but let’s cut to the chase – what does a day on Keto look like? Here’s a snapshot of a 3-day Keto meal plan courtesy of the calocurb team.


Day 1

Breakfast: Green smoothie

Blend avocado, spinach, almond butter, coconut cream and a handful of ice


Lunch: Garden omelette with bacon

2 egg omelette with bacon, spinach, tomato and feta served with a side salad


Dinner: Meatballs and greens

Homemade meatballs in a tomato sauce topped with mozzarella and served with broccoli


Day 2

 Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee

Blend a coffee with a tablespoon of MCT oil


Lunch: Caesar salad

Grilled chicken, poached egg, green salad, parmesan and Caesar salad dressing


Dinner: Open beef burger

Beef patty, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard served on top of a green salad. Hold the buns  


Day 3

 Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs

2 egg omelette with free-farmed bacon and spinach


Lunch: Salmon and vegetables

Grilled salmon with stir fried green vegetables and miso dressing


Dinner: Pepperoni pizza

Keto pizza base with all your favourite toppings



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