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Goodbye craving. Hello you.

It’s time to lighten up about your weight.

Finally, a weight management supplement that’s 100% plant-based, free from synthetic chemicals and the active ingredient sourced from here in New Zealand. None of the nasty side effects or feelings of guilt that come with putting unknown chemicals into your body. Just a naturally active botanical ingredient that help you say “no thanks” to all those extra temptations. Leaving you free to live the life you want.

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3: The magic number.

There are just three ingredients in each little capsule, and all of them are plant-based. Leading the charge is one naturally powerful active ingredient, a New Zealand hops extract. This is how we support you in your weight-management goals; by offering a unique blend of ingredients that are clinically researched and shown to support weight management.

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Science, at your service.

When we say science, we don’t mean the exploding-test-tube kind. Our active ingredient is extracted from New Zealand hops, designed to support appetite management and emotional eating. Leading to healthier food choices when snacking and portion control at mealtimes. Scientists call this extract “Amarasate” and its been clinically tested which means you can feel confident about staying in charge of your appetite - without feeling full or twitchy.


leaf hop leaf hop leaf hop leaf

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