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30-Day Guide

The 30-day Calocurb starter guide provides essential tips, success tools, and daily recipes for a comprehensive program to help you form healthier habits and make better eating decisions.


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Forming healthy habits and making better eating decisions is that bit easier with the 30-day Calocurb starter guide. Packed full of helpful tips, tools to help you succeed, and deliciously nourishing daily recipe planners we've got your round the clock program sorted. We’d like to journey with you and show you how it works. Together we’ll get you back on track to discovering your personal best.

Hooray your order is on its way!
Action: While you are waiting take a mental note of the times of the day where hunger cravings kick, you overeat you are more likely to make poor food decisions. We call these times your willpower waver windows and most of us have 1-2 a day. Remember, we are all different. Your willpower waver windows will change depending on what’s happening in your life. The first step is to recognise them and plan for them.

Day 1 is officially here
Your Calocurb has arrived.
Action: Just take 1x capsule today with a large glass of water. Don't forget to take 1 Digestive Wellness capsule 20 minutes after you take your first Calocurb capsule. Remember to take on an empty stomach one hour before your willpower waver window kicks in. Taking 1x capsule a day for the first two days let your digestive system get used to the bitter extract in Calocurb.

Hello day 2 One day down and it’s time to gently ease into day two.
Action: Take 1x capsule today with a large glass of water. Don't forget to take 1 Digestive Wellness capsule 20 minutes after you take your first Calocurb capsule. It’s rare, but it happens.  Each person’s digestive system is different. If you experience * A laxative effect resulting in a cleansing of the bowel. * Stomach irritations brief mild cramps may occur. * Indigestion or hop tasting burbs - beer lovers take note! These experiences are completely normal. Like any other detox - it’s a spring clean for your body. Contact your wellness coach for support.

Day 3
How are you feeling?
Good  Increase to 2x capsules a day if you wish Not noticing any difference Increase to 2x capsules and contact us to find out if you are taking the capsules at the best time in your routine to be effective Not great? Your digestive system could be sensitive to the bitter extract in Calocurb. Thats the active extract in Calocurb getting to work in your digestive system. These side effects should subside & disappear after the first 1-2 days while taking Calocurb but please get in touch with us at so we can help get you back on track.

Day 4
Continue taking Calocurb one hour before your willpower waver windows. You can take up to 4 per day. Calocurb removes the obstacles that get in the way of making great eating decisions and help you on a path towards better health. For more support as you move forward please just let us know.

Day 5
5 days in! Keep at it to continue to establish your new routine. Note down, which are the times you take Calocurb, which work best for you. If you want some healthy eating inspiration why not try something from our healthy meals’ planner? Still having trouble?  Drop us a line at so that one of our wellness coaches can get in touch with you to help get you on track.

Day 6 Fun fact! People take Calocurb at all different times and days. What we recommend is a guide from our clinical trials. You, however, need to do what is best for you.  Here are some examples of when and how to take Calocurb:  If you are looking to avoid: * Pre-lunch munchies – let’s assume you try to eat lunch at midday, but you feel hungry from 11am.  Aim to take Calocurb at least one hour before that 11am crave time kicks in – so 10am * After dinner treats – let’s assume you eat dinner at 6pm, and you crave treats at 9pm. Try take Calocurb between 7.30pm and 8pm. * Eating more than you need at main mealtimes – take Calocurb at least our hour before you sit down to eat that main meal. We are here to help you learn the most effective time for you so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Day 7 Remember to be kind to yourself, you have just done a week - amazing! The key thing to remember is to continue taking Calocurb one hour before your willpower waver windows.  Still not feeling it?  It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Email us on to chat through next steps.

Day 8  The desire to reset your appetite comes from an awareness that better health could be yours. Our research shows that the mind and body do need to work together to reset a more balanced appetite. We know a balanced diet leads to a healthier body but also a healthier, happier mind. Like us, you're self-aware, determined, go-getters, who love science, the power of nature & mindfully strive to unlock your greater potential.   With Calocurb we know we've discovered a way to diminish cravings so that they no longer get in the way of your health goals.  Together, we’ve got this.

Day 9 Did you know healthy habits are easier to form if you do it at the same time every day? The key to breaking any unwanted habit lies in:  1. understanding the current cues, cravings, your routine and current reward process – try to document these on paper2. becoming acutely aware of the conditions under which the cues occur – what is triggering them, stress, boredom etc3. creating a new routine of interrupting the circuit before the routine can occur - this is where Calocurb can support. When you take Calocurb an hour before an unwanted eating habit like craving or overeating kicks in, then Calocurb can gently and naturally hack the system disrupting that unwanted habit.Food for thought!

Day 10  Did you know, Amarasate™ the actgive ingredient in Calocurb activates the ‘the bitter brake’: sending a stop eating signal’ to your brain.   No caffeine or stimulants or synthetics – means no jitters. Only your appetite is affected.  We hope you are feeling great and supported on your way to achieving your health goals. Any changes so far? If so, we would love to hear about them.

Day 11 Remember our food planner is a guide to get you going. You can substitute meals based on your dietary preferences and tastes. Most main meals are around 500-550 calories, so no one feels hungry and gets enough of the right nutrients. Feeling inspired to try some new healthy eating recipes? Our CEO Sarah is a fearless faster. She swears by the Cilantro lime chicken and brown rice to break her fast.

Day 12 Forgetting when to take your Calocurb? Get technology to help! Try setting a reminder on your phone to help remind you each day Don’t forget we are here, lean on us for encouragement. We can help you successfully reprogram you’re eating 'norm' and start to reset your path toward a new personal best.

Day 13 Help us to help you. Sharing clear information goes both ways. When you inform us of your needs & experiences, we can help you get back on track to great health faster.  So, what health goal are you striving for?  Making healthy eating decisions is that bit easier when you have support. Calocurb and our wellness coaches are here to see you succeed so do let us know if there is specific area where you need support e.g. * Craving control * Portion Control * Sticking to eating regime like Keto or Fasting Talk with us and together we can make a tailored plan, just for you.

Day 14 This is the time where new routines can start to wane, especially if you are not noticing results you thought you might by now. Calocurb is about delivering a sustainable change to your eating habits, together we will help you make meaningful changes that go the distance so don’t give up you are doing great! Surround yourself with motivated people and let us support you to interrupt the habit loop by helping establish when your time cues occur so that you know to take Calocurb one hour before. Get in touch with a Calocurb Wellness Coach now to find out how best to get and stay on track.

Day 15 To help you understand the science behind Calocurb better, did you know that once you take Calocurb the active ingredient is released in the small intestine where it is most effective. This triggers a natural signal called the bitter break to help you manage your appetite. A-maz-ing!

Day 16 Fact: our willpower fails are not our fault! When we reduce our total food intake, our body tries to quickly fix the problem by driving us in the direction of all your favourite foods. To override the reflexes that trigger us to eat more so we store more energy, we need to use a two-step process to help break that cycle.  Step 1: Introduce Calocurb's ability to increase physiological satiety Step 2: Become aware on times & cues when our brains pleasure & reward centres fire and take Calocurb one hour before. When we get these two steps working in harmony, we trigger the ‘bitter break’ at just the right time; meaning Calocurb will be most effective at helping to reduce cravings and supporting you towards your health goals.

Day 17 Like you, we're health and wellness enthusiasts. We share your passion for seeing symptoms as clues. That desire to understand how everything fits together and work out how to improve our ' whole being'. First, we look to nature. Then we look to science. And when in a eureka moment of understanding we understand the powerful intersection of the two, we can't wait to share our sources of new knowledge, awareness & inspiration.  Let’s keep talking.

Day 18 Do you ever feel like Calocurb didn't work so well today? Don't worry it could be due to many reasons. Reset yourself and try again tomorrow. If you still notice a difference please get in touch.

Day 19 Missed a day or two? It’s OK, don't give up! One London study found that participants who missed a day did not fall off the wagon in forming a healthy habit.  “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.” – Unknown Remember you can chat with a Wellness Coach if you need some inspiration, motivation, or a bit of a helping hand on your journey.

Day 20 Time to try a new healthy dinner recipe? Each of our food planner meals takes about 30 mins to cook, contains a balanced ratio of nutrients and is less than 500 calories.  If you have more suggestions to share our community will gratefully receive!

Day 21 If time allows why not engage in an activity that will get you moving and lift motivation levels. The team at Calocurb are total nature lovers and love nothing better than a swim in the sea or a walk in nature to feel invigorated. If that’s not for you, why not try a gentle yoga session or for more intensity some interval training.  If you notice fewer eating distractions these days, like less cravings for example we would love to hear your story so please get in touch.

Day 22 Our mission is to help you achieve your health goals through making better eating decisions. We understand that people who are embarking on a path to a healthy weight, sometimes stumble during the early phases of a dietary change. It's human - in fact it's encoded into us to try to maintain the status quo. So, we enable our Customers to achieve their health by removing the obstacles that get their way to making great eating decisions. We do this by addressing their changing physiological cravings with our key ingredient, Amarasate™, and countering the psychological drivers for pleasure and reward from unnecessary food. By anticipating when these natural cues may occur & timing the use of Calocurb, the cycle is interrupted.   Getting back on track can be easy after all.  We know you can do it!

Day 23 A bad joke on us…enjoy  Snaccident /ˈsnax eh dent:/ {definition} When you forget your Calocurb & eat a full block of chocolate.

Day 24 “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.” – Unknown  Remember it can take up to ten weeks to fully embed a healthy habit.

Day 25 Our success comes not just from seeing you enjoying all of the health benefits that come as a consequence of resetting and maintaining a healthy appetite.  It's more than that.  It comes from knowing that you feel like you're back on track. And that is one awesome feeling. When you're back on the path to holistic wellness, feeling a sense of achievement with every little win. All of which add up to a wonderful sense of self-mastery. Mastery of your appetite, mastery of your cravings, mastery of your mind. And it was yours simply by gaining clear awareness of how your body and mind adjust to dietary change, and when you'll need support from Calocurb.  Well done on day 25, we are reminding you, you are a legend.

Day 26 Have some fun today and create a positive environment full of good things that bring you joy, fresh flowers, time with family or friends, a funny podcast, pet cuddles, a great book, time for yourself. Whatever they are enjoy them!

Day 27 Our food planner is full of great ideas for healthy snacks to support you to make healthy eating choices. Whoever said healthy snacking wasn’t delicious has clearly not tried the peanut butter energy balls or the coconut chips! [Snacking Tips]

Day 28 You're well on your way to forming a healthy habit.  We hope taking Calocurb one hour before your willpower waver window is becoming second nature but as the experts say to truly form a healthy habit it takes around 10 weeks so don't give up yet! “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.” – Helen Keller.

Day 29  It’s important to us that you know we don't compromise on quality, testing, or purity. By fully understanding the science & ingredients we not only take Calocurb but recommend it  to our families in the same way we do to yours.  We understand our customers are educated, astute, discerning people who choose Calocurb following careful research.   We make sure we've done ours.   This allows us to be completely transparent & deliver a pure product that's been rigorously tested, is science-based and effective.  Its integral to us that Calocurb reaches you in its most organic state and that you have visibility over ingredients, our science, and our full supply chain. You can find more information on our site but for any questions please reach out.

Day 30  Now that you have made it to 30 days take a moment to think about how you are feeling. Think back to why you chose to take Calocurb in the beginning. What has changed? Can you record the differences you have noticed?  Some customers report to feeling like they have more energy and are sleeping better while others are very happy to be back on track to establishing great eating routines and closer to achieving their personal health intensions.  Finally, how do you feel with your sense of achievement?  Calocurb removes the obstacles that get in the way of making great eating decisions and help you on a path towards better health. For more support as you move forward please get in touch – always X   “The purpose of setting goals is to win the game. The purpose of building systems is to continue playing the game. True long-term thinking is goal-less thinking. It’s not about any single accomplishment. It is about the cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement."  James Clear 

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30-Day Guide

The 30-day Calocurb starter guide provides essential tips, success tools, and daily recipes for a comprehensive program to help you form healthier habits and make better eating decisions.