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We’re here for you. No really - our company exists to help you along the road to being the best version of yourself ever.

Our Mission

Helping individuals live the life they want is what we’re all about. But we won’t do it at all costs. We don't encourage people to fill themselves with chemicals, offering them plant-based ingredients and a natural biological effect instead. We’ve done this by harnessing the power of a breakthrough made by the scientific community, and bringing it to you at an affordable price.

What we value

We think every single person has the right to feel moments of lightness, joy and accomplishment. To be free from feeling weighed down by food issues. We believe that everybody should be able to life live as they wish. We will partner with every calocurber to help them achieve the inner strength they need to unlock their true potential.

Living our values

So you’ve read what we’ve got to say, here’s how we walk the talk.

100% plant based

No nasty synthetics inside our capsules.

Natural NZ botanicals

Hops extract grown in clean, green New Zealand.

Vegan / Vegetarian

There are no animal derivatives in calocurb.

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