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…there’s an app for that

…there’s an app for that

From meal planning to mindfulness, seems like there’s an app for everything these days. Here are 6 making waves at calocurb HQ! 


 Asana Rebel

Best for: Workouts

Holistic Yoga meets interval training, Asana Rebel offers a mix of calming, fat-burning or strength building workouts. Pro tip – workouts are also downloadable for easy access anywhere!

Fizz Up

Best for: A bit of everything

A great all-round app, Fizz Up offers up workout routines, recipes, lifestyle tips, meal planning and more. Our favourites are the 5 minute mini-workouts and recipe lists specifically made to fit our health goals!

My Possible Self

Best for: Tracking mental wellbeing

This personalised self-help tool doubles as a digital diary. By regularly recording your emotions, My Possible Self helps you recognise patterns or behaviour triggers and guides you through periods of stress or anxiety. 

Healthista Fit HIIT

Best for: Weight loss

Connect to your personal iTunes playlist, set the duration of your workout, select the focus of the session (e.g. core) and HIIT!


Best for: Smarter food choices

Find out what's in your food with Fooducate, the app that scans & grades foods based on their ingredients. With access to over 250,000 food barcodes and a super supportive community, it’s a first-rate tool for making smart food choices.


Best for: Guided meditation

Like a little Yoda in your pocket, Headspace is a firm favourite on the calocurb team for it’s easy-to-use, tailored sessions. The app works across all experience levels and with 3, 5 and 10-minute sessions, fits right into a busy lifestyle.

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