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Get Social: How to Find Calocurb on All Your Social Media Platforms

Get Social: How to Find Calocurb on All Your Social Media Platforms

If you aren’t on social media in this day and age, we’d love to know what rock you’ve been hiding under. Social media has connected the globe like never before. You can follow all your favourite celebrities and brands, and keep up to date with what everyone in your circle is doing.

Here at Calocurb, we love our social media channels because they give us the chance to connect with you, to hear your thoughts and to share each other’s weight loss journeys. In this blog we’ll discuss which social media platforms you should be following us on.

Calocurb on Facebook

We love our Facebook fans because this platform has a knack for bringing about strong communities. Following our Calocurb Facebook page not only means that you’ll be kept up to date with all our latest news and updates, you’ll also be connected with a whole community of people who are on the same health journey as you. Stay connected through open discussions and comment in an open forum.

Along with the Calocurb page, you can also join the closed Happy Healthy Living Support Group which allows you to get community updates straight to your news feed. If you’re on a health journey and are looking for a like-minded support system, Facebook Groups are an amazing place to start.

Calocurb on Instagram

Instagram was built for lovers of photography, but it has become so much more than that now. These days, Instagram’s visual platform makes it the perfect one-stop-shop for all your daily doses of inspiration, advice, comedy, drama, romance, horror – you name it, there’s an Instagram account for it.

Calocurb’s Instagram will never fail to inspire your health journey. Through stunning visuals, sweet inspiring quotes and prize giveaways, our account aims to inspire a fresh approach to each and every day of your health journey.

Calocurb on LinkedIn

For every powerful person there’s a strong LinkedIn network to back them up. Our Calocurb LinkedIn page wants to be a part of your network.

If you’re the kind of person in search of high quality educational content and want to read success stories, myth-busting content, and articles backed up by science, then LinkedIn is the place.

Calocurb on YouTube

Calocurb’s YouTube channel is a place to find some curated clips full of inspiration to guide your health journey. By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you will be up to date with our latest video content. You can also listen our playlists on weight management and more.

Calocurb on Pinterest

Pinterest is a place of never-ending content. If you love to pin things that inspire you, or even just pictures you think look pretty, our boards are definitely worth following. Here you’ll find daily health inspiration that’s aesthetically pleasing, healthy recipes that taste great and so much more.

Calocurb on Twitter

We are just a tad obsessed with tweeting, and we think our Calocurb Twitter account is pretty great. There are so many inspirational stories on Twitter, and we love to interact with people that are sharing their weight loss journey to inspire others. If you want to let us know how your Calocurb journey is going, sending us a tweet and following us on Twitter is the way to go.

Join the Calocurb Community

No matter what your social media of preference is, there’s a Calocurb community full of like-minded people going through the same things as you, just waiting for you to join them online. You don’t have to go through your health journey alone, and social media is a wonderful way to stay connected to those on the same Calocurb journey as you.

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