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You asked, we answered – the 3 most frequently asked questions about calocurb

You asked, we answered – the 3 most frequently asked questions about calocurb

Hey there! In this blog, we’ll dig a little deeper into the why’s and how’s of your most commonly asked questions.


1. How do I take calocurb?

The short answer – however you like! Unlike most supplements, there is no set time of day to take calocurb.

The most important guidelines to remember are:

  • Take one calocurb capsule 45 minutes to an hour before meals
  • Only take one calocurb capsule at a time and a maximum of two across the day

Picking the right time of day to take calocurb is important. We often hear about customers taking calocurb at around 11am or at 2pm. Other customers take calocurb at around 5pm. Some even take it after dinner.

Our advice - give some thought to your daily routine and when you are most likely to make food choices, good and bad!

Are you the one in the office with a bag of chocolates in your desk that come out at 3pm? Or a pre-dinner chips and cookie lover?  Do you worry about overeating at dinner time? Or does dessert only finish when the chocolate biscuits are gone?

Everyone’s food challenges are a little different and will change from day-to-day – be open to experimenting with taking calocurb at different times to find out when works best for you.


2. Are there side effects of taking calocurb?


The majority of people who take calocurb won’t experience any side effects at all.

That said, all individuals are different in their physiological response to calocurb’s hops flower extract.

For customers experiencing side effects though – most report that these steadily reduce the longer they take calocurb. It can take the body time to adjust to regular doses of the extract - even if it is plant based and all natural.

For those whom calocurb just isn’t a good fit - we of course offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

To explain a bit more about side effects, we need a take a step back and talk about the science behind calocurb.  

In our world of on-the-go everything, it’s easy to forget that, physiologically, we’re not that dissimilar to our early human ancestors. We’re driven by the same instinctual drive for sugars, salts and fats, and in the case of calocurb, share the same response to bitter foods. Hops, the ones that are in your beer, are well recognised for their bitter attributes.

The first reaction to bitterness is one everyone knows – taste.

Less well known is how bitter foods react with the digestive system.  Acting as a kind of second line of defence, our gut can sense bitter compounds and trigger a feeling of fullness, helping us to manage our food cravings. The real magic of how the bitter compound of calocurb gets to work is in its super patented capsule. The capsule means calocurb travels to hit just the right spot (on the other side of the stomach) before releasing its contents and then gets right to work with no bitter taste.

It’s this physiological response that makes calocurb a great tool for helping manage cravings and portion control.

That said, bitter foods may give you mild side effects. The side effects that some customers might experience are generally associated with a laxative effect and can include:

  • Increased wind
  • Stomach irritation
  • Loose or more frequent bowel movements
  • Indigestion

If you are experiencing any of these, rest assured, they’re normal reactions. They are generally on the milder side but can be uncomfortable or painful in some customers – if that’s you, think about consulting your doctor.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are experiencing any side effects:

  • Stick to the recommended guidelines – no more than one calocurb capsule at a time. Better yet, start slow with only one capsule a day  
  • To start with, avoid taking calocurb on a completely empty stomach. Maybe try it in afternoon to cut down on pre-dinner snacking? This will help your body get used to the bitter extract faster
In just the few weeks after launch we have seen a fantastic response to calocurb. But, we know it’s not for everyone. In most cases any mild side effects will disappear over a few days. If not, that’s ok too! Get in touch with us and let’s talk.


3. Why do I have to buy a subscription? I just want a one-off purchase...

We’ve chosen to conveniently send your calocurb to you each month because:

  1. Our research showed that most people start a new health and wellbeing routine with a bang, but soon drop back into old habits. A recurring subscription of calocurb is designed to help you stay on target with your diet, fitness and healthy routines and guard against any YoYo dieting.  
  2. We also wanted to streamline how customers order and receive their supply of calocurb. Our subscription system helps keep operational costs like packaging at a minimum, cost savings we can pass on to you.  

We get it though – we’re e-commerce customers too. Our planning meetings were full of stories of cut-up credit cards to avoid locked-in subscriptions!! Rest assured we are here for you.

We have built the customer dashboard to make pausing, skipping or cancelling as easy as possible – you can make these changes here at any time, no questions asked.

We’re continuing to listen to your feedback too and are exploring how we can provide on-off purchases and trials of calocurb. Watch this space!


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