'Welcome to the 40s'

My name is Jenny and I’ve been tossing up whether I should share my experience with Calocurb – so here I go!

I am now 45 years old but when I turned 40, I put on weight literally over-night. ‘Welcome to the 40s’ - it was like some cruel joke, but the strange thing is nothing had changed in my routine.

Apart from putting on some weight at Uni due to discovering cheap beer and mid-night fish and chip missions, I had a pretty good metabolism, or so I thought. My diet was mostly healthy, except for guilty pleasures bread and chocolate. I was pretty active running three times a week and went to the gym.

Through the early 40s life seemed to get busier in some ways, my three children were getting older and with that came new challenges and demands, work also pulled my time and by the end of each day I was depleted. Weekends with friends meant lots of bad food and drinks which I love but it meant going into each week with low reserves and then trying to be good to make up for the weekends, much like a debit and credit bank account.

Try as I might as I headed towards my mid-40s and I began to resign myself to the fact that this heavier me was my ‘new normal’ and resumed my daily routine of diet and exercise with the compulsory mid-afternoon ‘energy pick me up’ chocolate bar thrown in.

Then I found Calocurb.

I was on social media one day and saw an article link and wanted to know more. I liked the fact it was a new science discovery from NZ and that it seemed easy to try. I signed up to give it a go.

I must admit I didn’t really notice much on day 1 & 2, but they were busy work days. Then on day 3 I found I wasn’t hungry by midday. For me this was completely unheard of. My job means I have plenty of back to back meetings so if I am not prepared, I don’t get around to lunch till 1.30pm by which I am ready to eat my own arm and am feeling completely irritable and unfocused. On this day I continued through my meeting with lots of mental clarity, for once the thought of lunch food wasn’t distracting me, I wasn’t even giving it a second thought so purchased a salad at 1.30pm that left me feeling completely satisfied. This had never happened before.

As the weeks went by, I noticed the same thing, I was no longer starving by midday and had managed to substitute my baguettes for salads. Mid-afternoon, post taking one Calocurb, I was also able to ditch my chocolate bar addition.

So 8 months along I have kept off what I had originally put on, but most importantly I am feeling so much better. It’s the easiest thing I have ever done. No more chocolate cravings, just more control. Sometimes I think I am hungry but then I ask myself the question and out comes my control voice ‘No I am just not’.

Thank you Calocurb, you are now part of my everyday routine. One I never want to lose!

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