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Thirsty for Knowledge? The Science Behind Your Post-Meal Cravings

Thirsty for Knowledge? The Science Behind Your Post-Meal Cravings

The silly season is upon us - work Christmas parties, end-of-year socials, and the festivities of Christmas Day and NYE - these are moments to share with family and friends, and what better way to let loose than to have a bit more food and snacks than usual!

But, after the mains are finished and the dessert plates are clean, how do you know whether you’re craving more or just thirsty from all the eating?

Sometimes, we can mistake hunger for thirst. Eating doesn’t satisfy our thirst, so eating more can impact our weight.

What exactly is going on?

The same satiety centres in the brain that make you hungry or crave food, sometimes want to quench your thirst rather than eat. As with hunger, thirst can be activated by neurons in the brain, hormones in the gut, and even dopamine (no wonder we find water rewarding when thirsty!).

Or thirst could be a response to a meal. Eating food temporarily thickens your blood, and your body senses the need to dilute it. 

So - are you actually peckish after such a hearty meal? Most likely, you’re just thirsty!

Also, try to notice when you are most likely to crave food. Women tend to snack more during periods of distraction, but men who were distracted while snacking increased their intake at a later meal. 

Try this: when feeling hungry or craving a snack, drink a glass of water first, distract yourself, and see whether that’s what your body wants. 

Fun fact! Lukewarm water takes less time to digest and stimulates digestion while detoxing your system and aiding food through the digestive tract. 

Or try to have as many water-rich fruits as possible, such as honeymelon, watermelon, and cucumber (also to flavour your water!). 

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