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Our Top Tips for Fasting

Our Top Tips for Fasting

We all know fasting can be difficult, so we've compiled a list of our Top Tips to help you! 

Always be safe when fasting 

Listen to your body – if you aren’t feeling well, or you’re not feeling sure about the fast, then stop and get some help or advice. You can always try again, so don’t put pressure on yourself and get into a sticky situation. 

Stay hydrated! 

Remember to keep drinking water throughout the day, starting off with a full glass of water when you wake. 

Keep your fast under wraps… 

Not everyone will understand fasting and what you can get out of it. Sometimes people will be quite discouraging. Having support during a fast is important! 

Keep busy 

Getting stuck into work is a great way of distracting yourself from thoughts of food. 

Have a coffee or tea 

Having a coffee or a tea can help suppress your appetite, with the added benefit of helping to keep your metabolic rate up.

Just go with it 

Hunger isn’t continuous – it will come in waves – peaking at times and then reducing.  At those times when it peaks, it is helpful to have a drink of water or a cup of coffee, to help you power through. 

Give it some time 

Be realistic – it won’t be easy the first few times you fast. Your body needs to get used to this new way of operating, so give it about a month and it will get easier. 

Don’t get your binge on  

Binge eating straight after your fast can slow down your progress and be very discouraging. 

It’s not a golden ticket to Snacktown 

You should still follow a nutritious diet on non-fast days – don’t be tempted to hit the food court! 

Fit fasting into your lifestyle 

Fasting is easy to adjust to fit into your lifestyle. Arrange your fast to fit into your social or work schedule – adjust it to fit into your life, not the other way around. 

    Above all – remember to always be safe when fasting – don’t push yourself too far, and if you are worried or feeling unwell, hit pause and pick it up another time.


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