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Calocurb Success: This Is Gary's Story

Calocurb Success: This Is Gary's Story

I learnt about Calocurb on the radio – some of the presenters were talking about it; I swear I have tried everything and thought I might try this as well. I had to try re-programme my brain, which seemed the only way to help with my portion control. 


My wife and I have always fought about food, and since I’ve been on Calocurb, we don’t fight about it. Food isn’t my boss any more.


It was an addiction for me, and it was so all-consuming. It was around me daily – it’s always been hard to manage. I started losing weight on Calocurb, and a client mentioned I should try Intermittent Fasting. I had tried it before, but it was too hard to stay away from food, so I gave up. Then I tried it with Calocurb, which helped me get through the fasting times, physically and mentally.


When the cravings had disappeared and I started doing Intermittent Fasting properly, I began to feel incredible and kept on losing the weight.

I had tried everything, even hypnotism, and I was going to get a gastric sleeve this year - but now I don’t need to. I was also pre-diabetic, and if it wasn’t for Calocurb, I would be diabetic by now. At my heaviest, I was 180kgs and achieved 110kg at my lightest.


It’s such a privilege to be able to shop for clothes normally. I had a belt made for me, and now I’m down to 38cm pants and have taken multiple notches down on the belt. I started by having two Calocurbs in the morning; and two at night (it’s the time when I binge). I know now that I can manage with 1-2 capsules daily, especially when my trigger time hits.


Currently, I am taking one a day, 5 days a week – sometimes I may have two a day when I feel my belt getting a bit tighter or I haven’t been so good with my eating. I mainly use it as a management tool. I used to cycle at my heaviest, and now it’s such a good feeling to still cycle but without the extra weight on me. What makes Calocurb more successful is that there is a subscription model. It makes you feel accountable and helps you make it a routine in your lifestyle.


My blood pressure has also come down. Three years ago, I was un-insurable because of my weight; now, I’ve just submitted an application to be insured, and it’s been accepted. I have injuries that have never healed due to my weight; now, I have no issues with them and no longer take pain medication.


It’s definitely portion control that Calocurb helps with for me. Still, sometimes my food choices could be better, just like everyone else.


Calocurb is the only thing that has worked for me after years of trying everything else. I’ve lost 30kgs on Calocurb and started Intermittent Fasting about halfway through taking Calocurb with awesome results.


I’m so glad it’s not an eating issue I’m fighting now. Now it’s just my weight which is manageable.
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