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How Calocurb is Expanding Globally

How Calocurb is Expanding Globally
Calocurb Press - NZ Herald

On the 4th of April 2018, our revolutionary Calocurb capsules hit New Zealand markets for the very first time. Within a week we were seeing thousands of people from all around the country purchasing our product, and Kiwis got started on their weight-management journey with an all-natural method.

Soon after, in May of 2018, we branched out to the United States market with this revolutionary Kiwi technology, and it’s been an upward climb ever since. In this blog post, we wanted to take a look at our trajectory up to this point, and talk about why it was so important for us to branch into the global market of weight management supplements.

Calocurb is Something Different

If you cast your eye around the weight management aisles of any chemist in New Zealand or the US, you’re going to find a lot of options. Products to induce bloating in your stomach or products that work as a laxative to create weight loss adorn the shelves. However, there’s nothing that addresses the hormonal pathway of hunger and appetite. Symptomatic approaches are not bad in and of themselves, but in the weight-loss arena they can be damaging to the body and mind.

Calocurb is something different. After ten years of research and $20 million of MBIE grants, we formulated a capsule that would interrupt a persistent appetite by using the “bitter brake” methodology. It’s a way to positively impact your own habits and change them into something you want to see, rather than forcing your body to reject food. We believe in an all-natural approach, and we wanted to see that in more of the world!

From New Zealand to the US, With Love

Our CEO, Sarah Kennedy, said it best:

“The US is the largest market for weight loss. About 35% of the adult population is overweight or obese, and it’s also the largest for weight-loss supplements.”

New Zealand is our home, and we are proud of our origins. We wanted to bring Amarasate—the Kiwi-sourced all-natural active ingredient in Calocurb—to the wider world, and there could be no better place to start than the US. We’re a country that is used to punching above our weight in all areas, why not this one too?

Branching into the United States has been a fantastic learning opportunity for us, and working through the in-market conditions of an entirely different country has given us the flexibility and resilience to thrive all over the world. The truth is, everyone deserves the chance to determine their own path in life, their own journey with their bodies,but the lack of all-natural options around the world has inhibited this choice. We’re looking to change that, one piece of the global market at a time.

Curious about Calocurb?

If you want to learn more about Calocurb’s launch in the US, and our plans to expand into more countries, take a look at the New Zealand Herald’s article. And if you’re ready to begin taking your body back—the natural way—then hop onto our website and discover what the best weight management pills in New Zealand are all about. We’ll see you there!

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