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3 *Better* Ways to Feel Full

3 *Better* Ways to Feel Full

Have you tried the long list of "healthy" recommendations to feel full with a "better" amount of food but still struggle? Today, we wanted to bring you some better tips from Ashley Koff RD, founder of The Better Nutrition Program and a 25+ year expert in personalised nutrition. 

  1. Don't drink more water - optimise hydration. If you just keep drinking water - and peeing it out - you are a hose, not a sponge, and your body's cells don't have what they need to help you feel full. Try the Hydration experiment to see if you need to improve your hydration. 
  1. Eat more glu - the lining of your digestive tract is where the hormone that helps signal leptin lives, another hormone to sense that you've had fuel and should feel full. Thus, you need to make sure it is intact and not leaky. Glutamine is an amino acid that helps to do that and is found in foods with protein (nuts, beans, seeds, animal meats, eggs, dairy, etc.); however, only about 6% of their protein is glutamine. That means if your protein serving is 27g (like a 110g steak), your amount of protein is about 1-1.5 grams. On average, we want about 5 grams of glutamine daily. 
  1. Ditch or minimise the non-nutritive sweeteners (artificial or natural) - we like it sweet, but these are extra sweet and that 100s-1000s of time sweeter can make it hard to be satisfied, so you crave more sweets. Research shows they can disturb your microbiome even at 1-2 weekly servings. Enjoy naturally sweet foods like fruits and starchy vegetables, and don't fear adding an actual sweetener like honey to a recipe like these delicious energy balls and protein-rich cookies.

"Last but not least, keep taking your Calocurb! I am so thrilled to finally have a tool to use with patients that works by naturally activating GLP-1. The results my patients are having are phenomenal, and I want you to experience it, too." 

- Ashley Koff RD

Founder, The Better Nutrition Program

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